What We Do

At YADIMEN, we believe in people who create magic and bring wonders to life, dreams to fruition. 

YADIMEN has a services portfolio for both start-ups & scale-ups, domain agnostic, & applicable to any stage of the journey, be it conceptualisation, pre seed, seed & ops/exit. 

YADIMEN team members are wizards in tech, operations, commerce, finance, anthropology and beyond. We will be CTO to your entity, COO for the role out, product owners to drive the roadmap....best fit project teams designed by our human capitalists. 

YADIMEN will accompany you, direct you, look after you along the way: test your ideas, roll out your MVP, implement your ERP. 

YADIMEN are in it for the long haul, committed to bootstrapping your journey to success.

How It Works?


We frame an expert team of CTO, COO & Product Roadmap owner, a best fit project teams assembled by our human capitalists..

Pre-Seed (Concept ratification, Solution design, Market positioning, MVP design, Roadmap, Estimates, Integration, Dependency).


Build and Delivery

Getting thru Seed Financing and build a Minimum Loveable Product(MLP). With our Rapid development platforms, MLP assembly within weeks is no longer a dream!!!

Ongoing Journey

Seed Stage (board support, investors support, growth market support, Development, User experience, service designs, Roll-out plan & project management)    

Operational Support & Exit:

Operational plan, Roadmap ownership, New markets roll-out, Enhancements and Board Exit.

Deals & Funding Opportunities

What We Do


Engage us for any discreet research about your product, company, technology solution, concepts or lets work together  in bootstrapping your start-up/scale-up/new markets roll-out.. 


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What Our Clients Say

We love to hear back from you and eager to reflect your feedback..

Current Deals

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