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Current Deals

Blockchain based Whistleblower Solution

Inspired by the anonymity provisioned by Zero Knowledge Implementations, a censorship resistance / anonymous using Blockchian/ Zero knowledge(ZkSNARK) to facilitate a forum to whistleblow organizational matters.. A Key solution in ensuring corporate or any organization for that matter  without exposing the whistleblowers identity..  It also has voting use case too..

AI based Self-profiling

Get away from the self-promotion systems such as resume, CV & Profiles type stuff and they don't work efficient any longer.. Energy wasted on fake resources and wasted opportunity on the right resources.. A self-learning intelligence system with discovery tools based on the day-to-day activities of a person or an organization.. 

Agent/Agent-less Chat Services

Combining the power of Agent based Chat services with bot based Chat assistant to boost the efficiency of Chat services.. 

Our chat tool is perfect for small companies, market tested; proven to generate leads, lock in sales; keep customers happy with prompt attention.

Blockchain Based KyS system

Blockchain based Know your stakeholders and their Information.. Keep the information access to the right access level using Zero knowledge and Rangeproof methods.

IoT Based Streaming Analytics

General Purpose Data streaming and harmonization Lakes..

Interactive Imager

Automatically extract features and Tag them from Images and Videos. Enable discovery of them using interactive ways