Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this Technology Accelerator about?  

It’s a Consortium of IT Technology geeks, Operational & Product Wizards and Development Consultancies to come together and offer their unique values in a collaborative way. This way of collaboration brings best in class knowledge at the same time a full scale services as well. 

Why is this Consultancy required? 

Technology consulting often involves various type of skill sets, such as User Design, Service Designs, Backend Designs & Development, Implementation Design and Execution, Data gathering, Wrangling, Modeling, Engineering.. There are enough reasons why they have to be so, this consortium bring in best in class Boutique consultancies from the above class and bring them together for an offering to our clients.  

I’ve a Technology Idea which could disrupt in a specific domain I'm focused, It also can be repliaced across many domains. How you guys can help me bring the idea into Fruition ?

Technology Products Often have a dilemma of underestimating Delivery, Execution & Operational Risk elements which holds them back from hitting the market or having become ineffective. 

Post our fitment analysis about our skill sets fits each other goals, we would form a best matched Minimum Viable Team to bootstrap, most of the times, you only need team comprises of a CTO, COO & Product Owner to Bootstrap them. 

This team bootstraps the idea by ratifying them, finding key enablers, understanding technology edges, differentiation, incremental roadmp, option analysis, risk assessment..etc. 

They are carried out thru out the life cycle of Inception, Pre-seed, Seed, post-seed, Operational stages. 

I'm a business services company, How could my company benefit from this Consortium? 

If you want to bootstrap your Product development

We form end-to-end project teams Just-In-Time Model including Interim CTO, Interim COO, Product owners, Business analysts, Domain Experts, User Design, Full stack development, Implementation Design Consultants, Roll-out Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers..etc.  

You don’t need to necessarily figure out by yourself, we have the maturity and we assemble the best in class picks and deliver this to you..  

How could this Consultancy different than a standalone IT service provider? 

Often IT Providers offer a segment of services where they are specialized, it becomes business organizations overhead to identify, engage and deliver what’s required to deliver an IT product, at time, this results a separate IT organization to be formed as an end game.. 

We are here to identify what’s required, who’s required and how to deliver the end results and we have learnt to manage that game as a black-box to the business organizations as much as possible. 

What sort of Roles/People  you typically hire to be part of this Consultancy? 

Often, we need CTOs, COO, Product Owners to manage our portfolio of clients.. Our compensation aligns same as our consultancy pricing, vary from equity, day rates, soft invoicing or could be a combo.. Please do send your proposals and offerings along with your resume  to 

I’m a Boutique IT Consulting Company, How could I be part of this Consortium? 

If you are a Consulting Co, please do send your unique offerings/Profile to 

I’m an Independent Consultant, Could I be part of this Consultancy ? 

If you are a consultant, please do send your CV/Resume to