Blockchain based Trustless Payables/Receiveables System

Inspired by Smart Oracles, a blockchain / smart contracts based system to handle credit risk for gig based works.. With gig based economy booming, a trust-less system would definitely contribute to the wider gig based economic ecosystem.

Machine learning based Customer Behavioral understanding

Improving organizational's understanding about their customers and their behaviors from the existing set of Images/video's available using Machine learning techniques. 

Video Calling Add-on

An add-on SAAS based Video calling module to integrate with any mainstream applications to connect seamlessly across any devices(Mobile, web & Tablets)

Blockchain Based KyS system

Blockchain based Know your stakeholders and their Information.. Keep the information access to the right access level using Zero knowledge and Rangeproof methods.

IoT Based Streaming Analytics

General Purpose Data streaming and harmonization Lakes..

Interactive Imager

Automatically extract features and Tag them from Images and Videos. Enable discovery of them using interactive ways


User Design

User Centric Design process

IT Product Engineering

An IT Product Engineering and Full stack development Company whose DNAs are just filled with Innovation and customer orientations..

Multi-Paradigm Programming

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Mobile First Strategy

A Company with deep domain experience to craft beautiful mobile applications, also differentiates the development by means of starter apps off the shelf to result quicker time-to-market.  

E-Commerce / MarketPlaces

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What our clients says....

Our Customer Orientation

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Our focus on Effectiveness

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Our Design Thinking

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Our Value adds

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Our Key Differentiators

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Our Market Edge

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