Grab an Interest

Build a quick Proof-of-Concept or MVP in our ready to use sandbox(Blockchain, Cloud Servers, Machine learning Engines, Data APIs..etc).. 

Generate excitement

Share your progress and key metrics in real time to the potential customers, enterprises and Investors. 

Close the deal

Give customers a reason to do business with you.

We own bootstrapping your start-up or scale-up Ideas.. we believe in collaboration, do you?

Start-up/Scale-up Springboard

Pre-Seed Stage

  • Concept ratification
  • Establish Key Leverages
  • Identify Key Differentiators
  • Unique Service Propositions
  • Key enablers 
  • Economic feasibility
  • Technology Ecosystem
  • Implementation options

Seed Stage

  • Solution Design
  • Roadmap Design and MVP
  • Optimal Estimates
  • Integration Options
  • Dependency Identification and Option analysis
  • Concept Testing 

Operational and Exit Stage

  • Board Support 
  • Investors Support
  • User and Service Designs
  • Architecture and Development 
  • Growth Market support
  • Implementation Design and Roll-out planning
  • Technology Management

Innovation Hub

Corporate's Innovation Hub

Bring Fresh air into your room.. Foster new thinking and disruptions from new age thinkers.. 

We get creative, design thinking agile teams to look outside your box, sometimes they don't even recon there's a box, a level of disruption to bring into equation..

Either run these start-ups in-house or embrace the ideas from where they are with the controlled access to the progress..

Get to benefit from the new set of ideas and the disruptive force come with these ideas..

Technology Due Diligence


An In-Depth analysis of  problem space and technology solution that's being offered, often fueled by neutral view including associated execution, delivery & operational risks. 

ICO/IPO Analysis

  • Key Influences in the Domain/Sector 
  • Unique Service Propositions
  • Key enablers 
  • Peers and Market Positioning
  • Use cases of technology
  • Underlined Risks


A Deep-dive into a specific solution or technology options, 

  • Components of Design
  • Alternate Designs
  • Reference Implementations
  • Gap analysis viz Reference Implementation
  • Performance outputs of reference Implementation
  • Dependencies
  • Key enablers and Risk assessment

Info-graphic Data

A visually appealing picture

  • Feature selection
  • Data acquisition
  • Data cleansing and harmonization
  • Data   visualization (Heatmap, spectrums, density, Visuals..etc)     

Contract Validations

As your CTO Office, we should able to validate  the following from your vendors and suppliers,

  • Estimates validation
  • Solution audit/validations
  • Solution fitness
  • Architectural review
  • Security/Data leakage vulnerabilities
  • Third party dependencies
  • Roadmap validations

Technology Due Diligence

A comprehensive technology due diligence for, 

  • Concept ratification
  • Design choices and rationale
  • Security design and vulnerabilities
  • Data Scaling capabilities
  • Dependency and Open source 
  • Risk assessment
  • Code structures and maintainability
  • Implementation readiness